Monday, April 15, 2013

Not so bad Really

So it has been a bit. Things didn't go so bad. My grandmother never said anything other than what she needed at the store. My grandfather obviously had something on his mind but I think my grandmother told him to just pipe down. I have actually heard more "Thank yous" and positivity out of them.

Moving on!

My Aunt M came to visit for a bit from the other side of the country! That was fun, seriously it was. We went for coffee, took my grandparents to lunch and giggled a lot. I really wish she was closer for those fun times! She was here for a week this time and wow the fun times she has been having out where she is.

On the down side my grandfather lost his license (this of course is no surprise to any of us "kids", we believe it should have been pulled a long time ago!) and can no longer drive. He is sad but coping as best as he can.

He then decided it was time to fix the air-conditioning in his van. We took the van to a mechanic and found out that it needed new a.c. and new breaks. The bill would have been about $1200.00, which the van barely even blue books in worth. In the hopes that he would sell the van my husband and I went and bought a nice luxury SUV that both my grandmother and grandfather could get in and out of and be comfortable riding in. I thought that he would be happy but instead he spent two days telling me how I got ripped off, that I shouldn't have done it and so on. Finally after he said for the umpteenth time that he didn't even know if he could get in it my grandmother looked at him and said "Well go downstairs and try to get in the damn car!".

So down we went. He was able to get in and out and after I showed him the heated seats, blue tooth, excellent a/c and the t.v. for grandma, well then it was a mighty fine deal and Ronnie and I had done a spectacular job. I think he actually almost cried.

So I waited for him to decided the fate of the van and dropped the issue. This past Monday he decided out of the blue to just sell it. He called and placed an ad and began taking offers. Apparently  he thought that not telling the buyer it needed $1200.00 worth of work was okay as long as he said "as is" when he sold it. I was like what the hell?!? That is the same as lying. I actually told him I was completely and utterly disappointed in him and what he was doing. He didn't understand and firmly believed that saying "as is" released him of any and all liability. I explained that regardless of that it was a completely underhanded and crap thing to do. I was disgusted and made no bones about it. After a while he finally understood and decided to tell the potential buyers what the deal was and still got $1600.00 for a van that wasn't even blue booked at $1200.00. He promised to start being more honest with everyone, and from what my grandma says, prays everyday for God to help him be a honest person in all things. I thought this to be interesting.

I know I seem to complain about my grandparents lately, but its my blog and I am just venting. I love them both very much. There are times when they are funny and caring and lots of fun. I just wish those times were more frequently than they have been lately. I see them almost every day for lunch, Dr. appointments, and miscellaneous errands. (OMG I spelled miscellaneous without spell check!)

"C" & "R" are really some fun people and both have wonderful smiles!

Wanna hear something really scarey?????

My "A" is now a teenager! Yep she has hit the big 13! She celebrated with friends at home. We also got to see my mom and sister and go shopping. Crazy how the time has flown.

Other than that things are the same ol same ol. Just finishing up school and getting ready to graduate with my A.A.

Oh and

Yes it was Z's first Easter! She had a blast finding all the eggs and then devouring the chocolate. "C" helped her tons on that one but it was a great first Easter "Z" won't probably recall hahahaha.


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