Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Wow look at the time just passing me by! Its been many many many moons young padewans...... Yeah okay so I am not Yoda. What ever.

So let's see.........
I am still in school and have a 3.87 gpa and my AA is done. I am now working on my BA Woot!
In January "C" had  a package  delivered and it cries and poops and eats ALOT. No I didnt know she was pregnant but that is another story and yeah I aint going into it. But here is a picture!


Lately I have spent a lot of time on the Twitter and FaceBook and World of Warcraft (DUH) and not a lot else.

Remember my blog about the coolest people you will ever meet? Yeah  the one about my grandparents well  guess what?!? I got them to move to a community near me so we get to hang out and bitch about young people all the time!

My "A" is now in Jr. High.... wait no they now call it middle school. Here is a picture for some proof.

And look how beautiful she has grown!!!


Oh Oh Oh look what my Sissy made me for Christmas 2011 !!!!


And on a final note.................................................



Chazzz said...

Quick catch up! Didn't realize you were racing into BA territory! Keep it up!

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