Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Foul Language Ahead!

Yes its true. I say fuck alot.

No really I mean a whole fucking lot.

When I was a kid growing up I tried out many swear words. I walked around the house saying damn for a month and didnt like it. I couldn't fit it in on all my sentences. You can't say "Shut the damning door!". It just dosn't sound right does it? So then I tried on the word shit. Again it did not fit. "Shut the shitting door!"? That just makes me laugh.

Fuck seemed the only alternative to express myself. I could say "You fucking bitch!" or "I fucking love you". It worked.

After much use of fitting the word into my daily language I was known by one and all as "Sailor Mouth". I considered it a term of endearment. I was a small little thing that leaned towards looking like a Twiggy style waif. Then that word would come out. It was the perfect shocker really. I felt it really allowed me to express myself.

As I got older I continued to use the word. Its like second nature and it will fly out in every day conversation with out a thought. I actually have to work at not saying it in front of the kids I work with and my grandparents. I tend to replace it with random cute words like "fudge" "shoot" "nertz" etc. I have to be very careful of that as well......I once said stupid and one of the kids told me I said the "S Word". I worried for a week that I had said shit. She finally said stupid was a bad word and that that was what I had said.

I think some of the people I know think I say it too much. I notice that not alot of my female friends swear much. However, I fit in perfect with some of the males. My husband thinks I say all the swear words too much, but that I say fuck the most.

All of the people I liked to read about as a kid were "sailor mouths", Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Thelma Todd. Even my own mother says fuck. Yep Ive heard it!

I love the word, I even know the origin of the word. It originally meant "To plant a seed". My Baptist farm raised grandmother told me that. I think it is a good definition of the word. However Wiki has an extensive section on the word and where it began. I think she is just refering to her farm roots.

It is a great descriptive word that can be used on any occasion.

"Merry Fucking Christmas"
"You are a Fucktard"
"Its fucking hot out"
"Best fucking movie"
"I fucking love you"
"Fuck that"
"Fuck yeah"
"Fuck no"

And so on.

So yes I say fuck a lot. And for some reason I don't think I will ever stop saying it. So gimme my fucking Kudos bitches.......fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.


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