Monday, November 29, 2010

Things I Miss Right Now

I am having a "not so hot" kind of day. While doing the dishes I came to a conclusion that I am missing some things.Some things I can get back, some its too late for and will never come back again for one reason or another.
So here is the list of things I miss.

1. Silver Dollar pancakes made by someone else just for me.
2. Sitting in his garage on a summer day "Cooling our heels".
3. "Always wear socks with your shoes".
4. "Thou dost protest too much".
5. Real family holidays, the ones where you trek from Grandparent to Grandparent.
6. Dooleys in Long Beach.
7. The smell of the station wagon.
8. Hunting with my dad.
9. Random driving or for that matter just exploring.
10. Riding in the car with my Mom.
11. The Red and White albums on a Saturday morning.
12. Hearing my mom say "Dad" in a little girl tone when being "talked to".
13. Tricycles with streamers on the handles and a bell.
14. Country air with the faint smell of chimney smoke.
15. Home made sugar free cookies for dogs.
16. Crafting with Grandma.
17. Mowing the lawn with Grandpa.
18. "Push mowers do a better job.".
19. My oldest at age 5.
20. Everything and everyone that is gone or too far away.
21. Disneyland with just my sister and I.
22. Sitting on the back of my Dads motorcycle going a bazillion miles an hour.
23. The little brown eyed girl that was always "my girl".
24. Lightning bugs.
25. The "Jolly Jump Up" back firing on Halloween.
26. Optimism
27. Laughing
28. Singing even if it was off key
29. Round Table Fridays
30. Friends in high school that would tell me when I was being a "dumbass".

It looks like a long list right? Trust me there is so much more. The biggest thing I think I miss is my life. The one I had when I was a kid, the one I had when I was 20 and so on. I miss the people and the places and the smells and sounds and words. So yes, Im down a little, but I will be up again soon. I am remembering all the fun and good times and it puts a smile on my face while at the same time a tear in my eye. Weird isn't it that something brought so much laughter now brings a odd mix of sad and happy. is what it is.


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