Friday, November 5, 2010

Religion Anyone?!?!?

I recently watched the Ben Stein show about religion, Darwinism, Intelligent Design theories or lack there of in education. Did I really understand what was going on with it? Probably not. Here are the two points I got from it though.

Intelligent Design is based on that someone, not necessarily God designed us and planted us here on this plant. No one knows who or when or how but according to this theory that is what happened. But here is where I get thinking. Human beings are so flawed and weak in the grand scheme of things really. I mean most of us are so flawed pollen sends us running so as to avoid having the sniffles. So "Intelligent"? No I think not. Of course with-in the Scientific Community this is not an acceptable theory and I think that is what Ben Stein was getting at. Not sure though.

Darwinism, well I just don't know about that one. I have not studied it (because ya know, it was not allowed in schools when I was a kid). All I know is that supposedly we came from the "primordial soup" turned into amoeba, then ape, then cromagnon, neanderthal, and then man today. I think its a great scientific exploration and really gets a mind thinking. Do I think it really happened like that? Who knows.

Here is the thing, the very next day, as if it were a sign from God himself a Jehovah's Witness knocked at my door. No folks this time I did not strip to the unmentionables and answer it swearing. (because I am a grown up now) She began by asking if I was confused about the unrest in the world and something about the recent elections. Did I think that if more people read the Bible these things wouldn't be happening? My brain went nuts. I explained that the unrest was due to "free will" and had nothing to do with God, the Bible or anything like that. I went further to explain that many of the world problems come from the intolerance, greed, nastiness and prejudices of people. She opened the Bible she was carrying. She was going to quote a scripture and I stopped her. I already knew where she was going and that what would follow would be her view of the passage. I explained to her that she need not read to me. I have been versed in the Bible since birth.

She then asked me if I was Atheist. Some of you know that I do not have Atheistic ideals, some of you don't. So here is the deal. I do not believe in "organized Religion" in the sense that to be a good religious person I have to go to church two or more times a week. I do not believe that my personal beliefs should be impressed upon anyone by going door to door and disturbing their household. I do not believe that any one Religion is the right way or the only way. I believe the Bible and all Religious texts should be taken at face value and not interpreted to suit your cause. I believe that Religion is a private matter between a person and their beliefs and their God. I told her this. She was taken back and had nothing left to say. She then gave me two Watch Towers to read. One read, "Is Atheism on the Rise?" I have no idea what the other one said as it went straight into the trash. (The Atheism one just happened to be on top). Am I being close minded? No, in my history are many Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Baptists, Mormons and Buddhists. I have read about and learned about them all. I have no desire to read something that is not the actual text and that was translated into a little pamphlet to suit a persons cause or stance.

I honestly am not prejudice against Religions. I believe that what ever path in life you take that makes you at peace, compassionate, non-harmful, loving and non-judgmental is the best path for you. I am against forcing views on others, translating texts to suit your cause, and calling other Religions wrong. Maybe all in all I am a humanist and compassionist. 

Do I care how we all began? Not really. How it all began is not as important as what you are doing while you are here. Is knowing how it all started going to change what you do today? Nope, probably not.

So Religion is what it is........I'm okay with what and who I am and where I will end, whatever place that may be.


Charlie said...

Makes sense to me, as your upbringing has put you in touch with a wide variety of belief systems. Sometimes I think people choose religions like they choose shoes . . what ever makes them look good and is in style. Then there is another view . . but I should do my own blog on that, eh?

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