Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's been a great month! I have thus far aced everything for school. YAY!

There has been a little drama at work. Lay-offs etc. I still have a job though. School is great, kids are great and I am sleeping good. Go figure. So in light of the fact I have really nothing to talk about I am posting a blog I wrote last year. I had a not so great life at the time and didn't sleep..... So here it is "INSOMNIA TIME!"

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I have insomnia!

I get it a lot. It's kinda funny cause I lie to people and tell them I can't talk or text because I am going to bed. What I am really doing is thinking.

Here is what I think about:

1. I should really try to sleep!

2. Why the hell can't I sleep?

3. I hope I can pay those bills.

4. Can my grandpa see me from where he is?

5. If people can see us after they are dead do they get grossed out when we pick our noses or scratch our ass? For that matter do they see us when we use the lavatory?

6. Is he disappointed in me?

7. How come when I have insomnia there is no one else on the Internet?

8. What would happen if I got in my car and just drove away?

9. Why do I yawn even though I am still not tired?

10. Can that Cesar guy really fix all dogs or people or what ever?

11. Just like Tyler Durden said "insomnia is neither asleep nor awake".

12. I really love the movie Fight Club, but I am a chick so I probably shouldn't.

13. How can Ronnie fall asleep at the drop of a hat anywhere anytime?

14. Does anyone else wonder what would happen if you just drove off a cliff? I mean just to see if you would actually die or just get maimed?

15. Why is it when someone doesn't understand stuff you write the aliens are suddenly coming to take you away?

16. Why do I care so much if other people care about whats going on with my life?

17. Fuck everyone........I can fix my shit myself.

18. Mikes Hard Lemonade makes me wish I could drink.

19. Hey I'm getting tired!

20. Crap now I'm not........

21. hahahaha "What, like in the face?" "he he Surprise me.". I love that line from Fight Club.

22. How sadistic is it that I laugh at horror films......

23. Why the hell did I get dressed today??? Its not like I was gonna go anywhere and no one ever comes here anymore.

24. Why do my cats sleep all the time??? Seriously they sleep all day and well I see them sleeping all night too!

25. If all of my ex-boyfriends congregated in one spot at the same time would they hang an effigy of me???? 0.o
26. Wow I was seriously a stuck up bitch. Hmmm selfish really.
27. I wonder if I can find all those guys and apologize to each and every one of them?!?

28. Do they even really care anymore or remember?!?

29. Oooh Fight Club!!!
And that is just some of the stupid stuff that keeps me up. Stupid isn't it? And yes, Fight Club is on the tele right now.....Spike is running it back to back. Fuse ran it last night and I stayed up and watched it then too. I should probably go lay down and stare at the ceiling now. 
So there it is folks, a blast from the past. I am sure I will be annoyed by something really soon and write more about current events.........
Until then........... It is What It is!


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