Friday, August 6, 2010

Your Opinion and My Ink

So okay, Im a work minding my business and helping customers.

I am ringing up one customer and the lady behind her is making noises like "ooo" and "tsk tsk". I figured she was just old or something and smiled and ignored it.

I finished with the first customer and it was the old ladys turn. I use the phrase "Lady" Very loosely. As Im ringing her up she is still making those noises and looking at my arms as if she was gonna have a full heart attack right there. So I just keep ringing. I get to the total and smile and say "$42.50 please." She proceeds to pretty much throw money at me. I still smile and say "Out of $43.00". As I hand her the change she suddenly says, "Why would you do that, you know when you get older that is just going to be a disgusting mess. You look like a biker whore. What are you going to do when your my age? You should pay and have them removed......". I was completely taken aback. I have never in my life had this response to my tattoos.
So I lunged across the counter, grabbed her by the throat and popped her head off like a pez dispenser.
Okay that is a lie. Instead I stood there and smiled and said "Oh, well that is your opinion. I personally like them and have never had anyone say anything like that to me about them." She said "Well they are ugly and you look like a dirty biker whore and when you turn eighty like me they will be a messy blob." She proceeded to show me her wrinkly arms and point out how gross she thought her skin was. I said "I'm almost forty and actually have decent genes and use moisterizer so..." And she cut me off and said "Those things are ugly anyway and you should get them removed!" I said "Well thanks for your opinion, have a nice day." and turned off the register and walked away while she continued to say things.

Here is my question. Here is what I wanted to say. "Who the fuck do you think you are to say anything about me? You have no clue who I am or what I am like. In what way am I a "dirty biker whore"? How would you like it if I walked up to you and called you a senile old bitty who has a fat ass and that all people over seventy should just off themselves because they are useless and have no place in society?" "Opinions are like assholes ya old bat, everyone has one but no one really wants to hear from it".

Yep, I was completely offended. The customer behind her was completely offended. She didn't have tattoos but ventured to say "What the hell gives that old bat the right to say anything to anyone?". I just laughed and said "Well she is entitled to her opinion." the customer said "I know where she can stick her opinion.".

This leads me to more thinking. What makes people think they have the right to say every little thought they have about another person that pops into their head? Seriously if I want your opinion I will ask for it and until then just keep it to yourself.

In reflecting on the incident I seem to recall this lady actually deliberately waited in my line. Another cashier had no one waiting and told the "lady" to come to her register and she said "No, I want to wait here.". This "lady" deliberately and with mallace of forethought sought me out and waited to tell me all the word vomit swimming in her head. She felt her opinion was so important and that I had to absolutely hear it. She knew I was trapped in that situation as I was at work and could not reply in the fashion I normally would have.

So that was my yesterday. I am still offended and taken aback by this lady.

Oh and sorry I swore so much in this.......I don't mean to offend anyone at all.


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