Friday, July 23, 2010

Rude Much?!? And School Work

Is it just me or do people seem to be getting ruder as the summer moves on?!?

I have been working just about every day since my last post. thought since it is Summer and customers should be happier just because they aren't driving in the rain and the days are longer. I thought wrong. I have been yelled at, told "I am never shopping here again!" and the infamous "The sign said 40% off. Not prices as marked." as well as "Your not very helpful" Oh the joys of retail. I promise to never be rude to a retail worker ever again (unless of course they are rude first). We have also implemented a new "No Receipt, No Return" policy and only exchanges for electronics. This of course has added to my joy of dealing with the customer.

People on the road are being even ruder too. I was trying to merge into traffic on the way home from work. I was shoved to the shoulder by some giant SUV. As it passed and I was flipped off I noticed on the back window and bumper a few stickers. One was the Christian fish, the other a NOTW. I was like "what the heck?!?" I drive a little mini cooper so really......

I decided it was time for a vacation. I had some serious school work I really needed to concentrate on. I was to write for my "Introduction to Online Learning" class. I had to explain how I juggled work, school, social etc. I had a hard time with this part. I don't over analyze my life, if I did I would probably run away. I don't over think how I handle things, I just handle them and get it done.

Then came the best part, I had to evaluate the Pareto Principal and explain if it applied to me. Really???? This is the rule that if you only do the "important" 20% of the work you can expect 80% in results. Of course they don't say what kid of results. What if they are crappy results, or the wrong results because somewhere in the unimportant 20% you didn't focus on was a really important detail. Honestly it just seemed like a lazy mans out to me. I mean seriously, the theory was invented by an Italian man who was surveying real estate in Italy. He observed that 20% of the population owned 80% of the land in his region. Seriously, then this little theory should apply to real estate or finances or something like that not daily life. I still don't really grasp the concept to be honest.

So I wrote the paper and really tried to do my best to explain my life, role in my family and that I do not think about the day to day or really plan it as my work schedule rules my life. I got an A on the paper believe it or not. The instructor said I did a great job and that he knew no matter what I would graduate with my Masters in no time.

At this time I am typing this and reinstalling Windows XP on C's laptop. It seems neither A or C can shut a computer down properly and they both like to just delete random files. Yes I want to pull my hair out and now they both know why I say no when they ask to use mine.

By the way I made all the images on here myself :)

So, it is what it is......


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