Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hello there!

I have been super busy with school and work.

The up shot is that i have "A's" in my classes. I have been able to juggle my kids, education and job amazing well thus far. At first I thought I was going to fail my Word 2007 class. I thought other students were, well, lets just say not polite on the BBs. But they have mellowed out and are showing that they are different styled learners as well. One girl an dI are having the same problem which makes me laugh. We are "learn by doing" and tend to just figure it out while doing the work. It is really difficult to actually have to slow down and follow the directions hahahaha.

I was able to visit my grandparents on Monday. I do believe my Grandmother doesn't even realize she was mad at me and said those things before. I can tell she goes in and out a bit. My grandfather is getting even more worried about my soul. He lectured me about going to church and that my kids need to go to church. As soon as possible.

Work has been crazy. We now have a program that does the employee schedule on its own. This is weird because now I have shifts that start at 15 til or 15 after and show as 5.25 hours with a .75 brake in between. Can you say pointless???? I knew you could. So I am at work for 5.25 hours but only get paid for 4. Seriously, just schedule me for 4 hours you idiot system.

So anyways, school is good, work is work, Grandma is losing it and.....................

It is what it is!


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