Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Thursday

So this morning I awoke, and laid in bed for a bit. I dread Thursday. Okay so not every Thursday but most of them. See my husband gets paid every-other-Thursday and this Thursday is that pay day.

Pay day should be awesome right? Wrong its also bill-paying-day. You know the Family Circle Cartoon they did about bill-paying-day. Well, just replace the dad with me. I am the family accountant and I hate it. "Ohhhh look at all the money you made, oh wait, nope it all goes to bills".

Oh well.

Walking out of the bedroom I realized something cat was stomach sick. I don't believe I need to elaborate on that, I'm sure you get it. Sooo paper towels, swifter, swifter wet. Done. Well at least I don't have to do it right after bills.

Next get online and pay the bills. Lights will stay on and I will have a bazillion channels of junk to watch and unlimeted texting for another month. Oh and let's not forget the mortgage, yep I seriously almost did hahaha. Yay roof over head for another month.

"Gurggle Gurggle" says the stomach. Food, so I get into the kitchen and realized it is also grocery day. This isn't so bad tho. I like grocery shopping. I get to pick out the food and force everyone else in the house to eat it hahaha. Spinach is not a favorite for anyone but me teeheee.

I showered, dressed and off I went. Its hot out......hope the bed of the truck dosn't turn into a make shift hibachi.

I love the grocery store I use. It's called Fresh & Easy and it is exactly that. I go in grab what I need and out the door I go. I have it down to 45 minuets at the most. At Fresh & Easy you bag your own groceries. No waiting for some pimply faced teen to slowly bag your stuff and happily put the bread under a watermelon hahaha. Don't get me wrong, if you need help bagging or have a question there is always a friendly face to help! But in doing that on my own it goes faster and I can make sure the eggs and bread are not french toast by the time I walk out the door. (french toast sounds really good right now hahaha).

On the way home from the store I then realized that my youngest has no money on her lunch account, as a matter of fact she is over drawn. Grrrr, its 1st Grades mothers day party. Packed parking lot, hot, parents who aren't paying attention. Yep all that was in order. "I really hope the food isn't cooking in the bed of the truck...". 10 minuets later back in truck, more unattentive parents and missed a kid running into the street by thismuch.

Back in driveway. "Don't hit the garage fool". Look in the bed of the truck and find a few of my groceries on the bare hot bed. Dang it! Oh well at least it wasn't the meat, just the cream cheese. Unload, put away annnnd done!

So here it is 12:37 pm, 74 degrees and I am done with the day. House is clean, bills paid (whew) and groceries put away. Time to relax with my bazillion channels of blather and nonsense. No work tonight and no kids for 2 hours.

So maybe Thursday isn't so bad. I am sure it could be worse. I think it has been worse. Like the Thursday I couldn't pay all the bills and didn't have groceries. So I guess I shouldn't complain about Thursday, it could be that way again. So I am changing my mind about Thursday for now, it is a good day!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!


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