Thursday, May 20, 2010

No one reads this

Okay so I am realizing no one reads this but my mother hahahaha. My mother is my only follower on here. I laugh because my mother has been reading my stories and following me around my whole life. It's not so much a cat and mouse thing but more of a catching-up thing.

I tend to only show one emotion, anger. All the others I suppress deep down inside until one day I go nuts, shave my head and beat up a car with an umbrella.....oh wait that's right that is Brittany Spears......

Any ways since no one really reads this I am going to copy and paste an old blog from another site to here so she can laugh a little.

Why do people insist on sitting practically on top of me while I am browsing my internet stuff? Why is it that any little laugh out of me is an automatic invite to come see what I am doing? Why do they have a comment about every little thing. If you are really that disgusted go away and leave me to it.
Not only that but why is that the time you suddenly have important things to discuss? Just 30 minuets ago I was sitting here bored.....nope no one wanted to talk to me then. No now that I am acutaly doing something you want to be near me and chit-chat and blather on and on about nothing!!!
My mom doesn't come to the house but calls. When she calls she can tell I'm into other things and not listening. She doesn't care. She says "Your busy I will let you go, call me later.". She can tell that over the phone......why the hell can't a person in the same room as me notice it? And why do they get all bent out of shape when I don't respond to the nonsense......seriously if I'm doing something I am most likely not listening to you.
Anyway that was my rant.


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