Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Closer!

I am so excited. I have received my acceptance letter from school!

I am all set for the current spring courses I will be taking. Accounting Software and Accounting Principals. I have the feeling I will be doing a ton of reading for these. I am keeping a look out for my text books to come in the mail.

Oh right, did I mention that I am taking these courses on-line? Yep Distance Education. I love it! I can get my A.A. and not worry about rushing to class on time, sitting next to a person who lacks hygiene or bodily control. (Yes in high school I sat behind the guy who loved the bean burritos)

So I still have two weeks before the courses begin. I am biting at the bit and looking at my calender urging it to move faster. Similar to Veruca Salt in "Willy Wonka" 2008 edition movie "Daddy, make time move faster!".

But alas, this is not a movie and I am not her.

So here I am biding my time between the kiddies, World of Warcraft and crocheting a 1920's style bead spread. I got the pattern from the following site. Bridal Ring Crochet Beadspread  Thus far I have 10 across of the squares. I can do about one a day and they are pretty and will look very nice all together I think.

Oh and here is another site I use to find patterns The Crochet Pattern Shed They have a large amount of old patterns for just about everything.

So it is what it is and I await the beginning of my education.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Going Back to School

Its been an interesting few days. I have had some serious thoughts about life and what I am doing in it.

My C is failing all of her classes. I don't understand why. She is a freshman in high school. I remember my years and know that it is a rough transition. But she has always been my stable, level headed girl. Due to some of her actions I have met with her counselor, had her cleared by a psychiatrist and we are moving forward. I don't want to go into details, but it was a sad and disappointing thing. It made me think a lot.

Okay so here it is, a little bit about me and my current endeavors.

I am 38 as of May 16th. I have a G.E.D. and a certificate in Travel and Tourism. I never followed through with finding a job in the travel industry. I spent 5 years in accounting, 10 in retail, 4 in education and 5 in support staff (coffee sure I will get it for you). I don't believe that it is a really good example other than the fact that I am one of the few out there who believes in having a job and being the best at it.

So here I am, 38, two kids, a home and a somewhat decent life I suppose. I am going back to school to get my A.A. in Accounting!

I am not doing this in a brick and mortar establishment but online. I think it is going to be interesting to say the least. Thus far I have completed the orientation and its pretty neat. I have had some correspondence with the instructor and he is nice too! Responds quickly.

My official start date will be June 17th. I can't wait and am excited and scared at the same time.

So in closing this blog will now be about the adventures of a slightly north of middle aged mom who is trying to raise her family, work part time and get her degree. I am sure it will be laughable in spots and annoying in others.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No one reads this

Okay so I am realizing no one reads this but my mother hahahaha. My mother is my only follower on here. I laugh because my mother has been reading my stories and following me around my whole life. It's not so much a cat and mouse thing but more of a catching-up thing.

I tend to only show one emotion, anger. All the others I suppress deep down inside until one day I go nuts, shave my head and beat up a car with an umbrella.....oh wait that's right that is Brittany Spears......

Any ways since no one really reads this I am going to copy and paste an old blog from another site to here so she can laugh a little.

Why do people insist on sitting practically on top of me while I am browsing my internet stuff? Why is it that any little laugh out of me is an automatic invite to come see what I am doing? Why do they have a comment about every little thing. If you are really that disgusted go away and leave me to it.
Not only that but why is that the time you suddenly have important things to discuss? Just 30 minuets ago I was sitting here bored.....nope no one wanted to talk to me then. No now that I am acutaly doing something you want to be near me and chit-chat and blather on and on about nothing!!!
My mom doesn't come to the house but calls. When she calls she can tell I'm into other things and not listening. She doesn't care. She says "Your busy I will let you go, call me later.". She can tell that over the phone......why the hell can't a person in the same room as me notice it? And why do they get all bent out of shape when I don't respond to the nonsense......seriously if I'm doing something I am most likely not listening to you.
Anyway that was my rant.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I am.

So my birthday was on Sunday. I am 38. I am old.

No, no, I know 38 is a young whippersnapper age to a lot of people. However, regardless of what you say I feel old. No matter how many times you say I am young and look great, I feel old. 38 years seems like it went by quickly, the next 38 will go even faster I am sure.

I tend to relate more to my grandparents and parents than most people my own age. I know more about alzheimer's, shingles, sinuses, and hip replacement and cancer than someone my age should. My grandpa Sam was is and always will be the best friend I ever had.

So here is a brief list of why I should consider myself old:

I believe in good honest hard work for a days wage. Not just making a fast easy buck.

I prefer to knit or crochet on a Friday night instead of partying like so many of my peers. I have made many doilies, scarfs and blankets.

I like old music, and, no I don't mean the Rolling Stones. I am talking about Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Artie Shaw to name a few.

I love old movies. The Thin Man, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Gold Diggers of 1949.

I still believe a boy should come to the door and not honk the horn. He should spend no less than 1/2 an hour talking, or rather being interviewed by my husband on life, his future plans and the evenings plans.

I believe a good education is important and college a necessity. You can't just flit through and "hope for the best". Book learning is an awesome thing and books smell good to me.

I believe family is the most important thing you will ever have. They are not someone to just feed you for 18 years and then off you go. Without a good solid foundation your house will crumble, your family is that foundation.

I know what a Panzer is and what a P-26 peashooter is. I know why there are two dog tags.

I know too much about the depression and what a bread line is.

So have I established that I am old? Probably not. Why? Because I did not live during the times when many of the things above were around. I learned from listening to my parents and grandparents. I took in all the old stories, watched the movies with them, listened to those songs.

Here is the real reason I am old. I have the ability to listen and care and learn from others mistakes and experiences. This is an art that is dieing with my generation. Today people don't listen. People hear things without really taking the information in. There is no "processing" of the information. Quite literally it goes "in one ear and out the other". There is no desire to learn. They have the attention span of a gnat. Instant gratification is the preferred form of acquiring things, forget how and why, just gimme, gimme, gimme. There is no respect for elders and the wisdom they can impart. Now a days if you get old and become a burden (weather real or imagined) your family dumps you in a home and spends a half hour once a month visiting and not listening to you.

I like learning about what people have to say. I like getting my pay check and knowing I earned it and worked for it. I like seeing my grandparents and hearing what life dealt out for them and the stories of train rides and adventures in Long Beach. I like my mom's quirky looks and behavior and chit-chat. I like that my dad is a stubborn old man who only wants the best for me and will nag at me until he is satisfied I have heard him clearly. I like old things, people and places and I am proud when my child points out readily that I am a in the same class as them.

So I shout it with pride "I am old!". I am "The Bees Knees", "The Cats Pajamas", and how!

It is what it is and, to quote the great Sailor Popeye, "I yam what I yam.".

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday

Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, It's my birthday too yeah!

Okay not really, my birthday is this Sunday. I will be 38.

Soooo my birthday gift was a wonderful visit to the Temecula DMV. Wow what an unthoughtful gift from the State Department of Motor Vehicles. Nope I couldn't renew online. They wanted to make sure I was real and get another unflattering picture and another thumb print.

I checked on-line this morning to see what the wait was before leaving. It said 14 minuets. LIARS!!!! I got there at 9:30am. Waited in line for half an hour and then got a ticket stamped 10:03. So I sat.

I met a couple of interesting people and saw a lot of people applying for their first license. One lady was telling me how she flipped cars on ebay. No she dosn't physically flip cars. She buys crap cars on the cheap and then sells them for 2x the cost on ebay. Apparently she is making pretty good money. She has goats and a turkey and chickens and horses. Yep it's amazing the things you tell people when you are bored.

G037.......G037 to window 14.....

I am G067.....dang it got a long ways to go.

One gentleman explained that it was all Arnolds fault. He spent too much on stupid projects instead of on new DMV offices with more parking and more employees. It's Arnold's fault that we are at war, have high taxes, bad schools etc. I thought he might get out a crate and stand on it and start preaching to the masses.

B026.........B026 to window 3....... and he was gone.

Next random stranger please. He was a recovering crack addict. I say recovering but honestly I don't think so. He talked about what was going on as if he liked it. Homeless for a few years, rehab, old friends, missing friends etc. I felt bad for him. He didn't look like an addict. He was in dockers and a white button down, he looked like he had a job.

G066.......G066 to window 12

Yay no one is talking to me now. I am the next number woot!

What the heck, why is that dad taking his kids drivers test? Seriously does no one monitor this thing or is it just a formality now?

So after two hours I was called G067 to window 14. I did it! I actually got up and said "Bingo!". Pretty much everyone laughed.

Pay the lady, sign my name, go stand in line for my picture etc.

So it wasn't so bad. It was kind of interesting. I am amazed what people will tell complete strangers about their lives. I wonder why strangers tell me about their lives. I never thought of myself as a friendly open person. Maybe because I don't say much they just keep talking?

That was my day. In 6 weeks I will have a new license with a weird picture and hopefully when it is to be renewed all I will have to do is go online.

Oh, my birthday present to me this year? I am returning to school to get my A.A. I thought I was too old to go back but I guess not. I think it's about time. So 2 years from now I will be able to show employers a piece of paper to back up the fact that yes, I do know accounting.

Boring blog sorry. But it is what it is.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Thursday

So this morning I awoke, and laid in bed for a bit. I dread Thursday. Okay so not every Thursday but most of them. See my husband gets paid every-other-Thursday and this Thursday is that pay day.

Pay day should be awesome right? Wrong its also bill-paying-day. You know the Family Circle Cartoon they did about bill-paying-day. Well, just replace the dad with me. I am the family accountant and I hate it. "Ohhhh look at all the money you made, oh wait, nope it all goes to bills".

Oh well.

Walking out of the bedroom I realized something cat was stomach sick. I don't believe I need to elaborate on that, I'm sure you get it. Sooo paper towels, swifter, swifter wet. Done. Well at least I don't have to do it right after bills.

Next get online and pay the bills. Lights will stay on and I will have a bazillion channels of junk to watch and unlimeted texting for another month. Oh and let's not forget the mortgage, yep I seriously almost did hahaha. Yay roof over head for another month.

"Gurggle Gurggle" says the stomach. Food, so I get into the kitchen and realized it is also grocery day. This isn't so bad tho. I like grocery shopping. I get to pick out the food and force everyone else in the house to eat it hahaha. Spinach is not a favorite for anyone but me teeheee.

I showered, dressed and off I went. Its hot out......hope the bed of the truck dosn't turn into a make shift hibachi.

I love the grocery store I use. It's called Fresh & Easy and it is exactly that. I go in grab what I need and out the door I go. I have it down to 45 minuets at the most. At Fresh & Easy you bag your own groceries. No waiting for some pimply faced teen to slowly bag your stuff and happily put the bread under a watermelon hahaha. Don't get me wrong, if you need help bagging or have a question there is always a friendly face to help! But in doing that on my own it goes faster and I can make sure the eggs and bread are not french toast by the time I walk out the door. (french toast sounds really good right now hahaha).

On the way home from the store I then realized that my youngest has no money on her lunch account, as a matter of fact she is over drawn. Grrrr, its 1st Grades mothers day party. Packed parking lot, hot, parents who aren't paying attention. Yep all that was in order. "I really hope the food isn't cooking in the bed of the truck...". 10 minuets later back in truck, more unattentive parents and missed a kid running into the street by thismuch.

Back in driveway. "Don't hit the garage fool". Look in the bed of the truck and find a few of my groceries on the bare hot bed. Dang it! Oh well at least it wasn't the meat, just the cream cheese. Unload, put away annnnd done!

So here it is 12:37 pm, 74 degrees and I am done with the day. House is clean, bills paid (whew) and groceries put away. Time to relax with my bazillion channels of blather and nonsense. No work tonight and no kids for 2 hours.

So maybe Thursday isn't so bad. I am sure it could be worse. I think it has been worse. Like the Thursday I couldn't pay all the bills and didn't have groceries. So I guess I shouldn't complain about Thursday, it could be that way again. So I am changing my mind about Thursday for now, it is a good day!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!