Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its still cold here?!?

The title is a bit missleading. I am actually sitting in my house with it all open and its warmer outside than in here. Go figure....vaulted ceilings are awful. Time for the best sox ever!

Well its been an interesting week. Tuesday I went to my dentist in Laguna Beach. Yes I drive over an hour on Ortega Highway just to see my dentist. If you knew my dentist and his amazing practice you would too. I only needed just a cleaning. On the downside I get migraines from cleanings as it exacerbates my sinuses to no end. On the plus side A did great. She got two fillings and didn't cry or put up a fuss or anything! I am very proud.

So the dentist is amazing. He is in a part of Laguna that has the best views!

The waves were super choppy. The wind was crazy but it made the ocean beautiful!

After the dentist I went to the gallery to drop off some new pieces I had worked on the week before. I am still working on the one center master piece for the show on the 20th but seem to have a creative block. I see it in my mind but can't seem to get it out as a tangible item. Figures. So here is the stuff I did and dropped off.

I don't know how well they will go over. There were some others but I haven't uploaded them to my computer sooooo no pictures. My mom said they were perfect for the new spring line I am getting together so there is a YAY!. Oh and no, mother is not bias just because I am her kid. She has rejected many things that are too heavy or "just not right" for her client base. It's an art gallery so ya know....picky picky.

I did get a really good picture of the ocean from the gallery front window! I wish it could be a house again and I could afford to buy it. The view is fantastic even with the other buildings and street signs in the way. The picture doesn't represent it very well.

But that was my Tuesday. Lots of driving, a migraine and pretty views. Thankfully I had yesterday off to recoup. I spent it in bed with all the blinds closed and lots of sinus medicine. I feel better today and of course it's "bill paying day". I always feel great on days when I wish I were sick hahahaha. It is what it is.


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