Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Ramblings of Boredom

So its been a bit. Things are going pretty well! I have been playing on World of Warcraft a lot! Its pretty fun and a good waste of time. I can also get my laundry done while playing.I play mostly on Sisters of Elune as KayteaCooper. Just in case you ever wanna kill murlocks or something with me! :)

I've been waiting to get Bioshock 2 because at this point I don't wanna pay the price they want for it. Hopefully GameFly will send it soon. R has been playing Dantes Inferno and Need For Speed. I haven't tried either of them yet.

A has gotten an award in school for reading and writing. This is a huge accomplishment since she has ADHD. The new medication is awesome and she is doing really well. It doesn't make her a zombie, she is still my quirky kid but more focused and organized.She is a happy camper.

So the quitting smoking didn't go so well. I issues keeping the patches on and had to do this to keep them on:

Yeah it didn't last long. But R had issues with it too.

C made the J.V. swim team. Its an awesome thing. In her time trials she placed 2nd and 3rd. Yay!

G is my niece. We have helped raise her off and on for 5yrs. She was here for a weekend and gone again. Apparently our rules are too much for her to deal with. I don't know but at 19 I think you should be held accountable for the stupid stuff you do.....not to mention she has a 2yr old that she doesn't ever see or even take care of. But ya know I'm and old person and know nothing about life. It is what it is right?!?

So R just sat down on the couch with me to play Need For Speed and I am already annoyed. So I'm off. Maybe some funny stuff next posting.


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