Thursday, February 11, 2010

Isn't It

It's been an interesting week. You see its been quite a long time since I have been a stay-at-home-mom. Its a little off-putting for me. I am feeling completely useless. My kids are gone for six hours out of the day and it honestly doesn't take that long to clean a house.

I am a bit concerned with how things are going. I feel a little sad that I spend alot of time doing nothing but stare at the walls while the family is gone. My kids are a bit older and really don't need me as much as one would think. They are also pretty responsible and wash their own clothes and dishes and don't have to be told when to do the things that they need to do.

I feel bad because my husband works his derriere off 10 hours a day and I sit and decide what is for dinner and that takes maybe 10 min. at most.

Yeah I work at one of the Marts at night for a whopping 4 hours 3-4 days a week but honestly its not that difficult of a job. Then I sit here and try to think of things to write about on this blog and wow this is the dribble my brain produces?

My cats are seriously becoming my best friends. Nope not complaining about that one as I am not particularly interested in making a ton of friends that want to arrange "play dates" and shopping trips or exchange coupons.

That was something I did the first time I was a stay-at-home-mom and it was the pits. All the women that I came in contact with were more worried about shopping, saving money so they could shop and how the world saw their family vs. how it really was than anything else. Hmmm really silly.
Seriously, these people had the craziest kids but the moms just walked around like everything was perfect and just kept throwing money and material things at the kids. Sad really. I know I am not the perfect mom by any means but wow, if my kid was being a rotten bitch to me I sooo would not buy her something to make her like me.......weird.

And OMG there was one that felt it was okay if she drank vodka all day as long as her kids thought it was water and any time her kids wanted to stay home....yeah that was fine with her. She actually encourages her son to ditch school. Her daughter and mine are best friends. Anytime her daughter talks about college she is told she is too stupid or that there is no money so why bother. Then the mom blames my daughter for being a "bad influence" because she is going to college.......seriously this woman is a nut case. Yep that is what you get in the burbs.
So there it is, the ramblings I promised.......I think my brain is being dumb today.

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