Friday, February 12, 2010

I messed up a bit

I have been trying to quit smoking for some time now. I am using the patch which works if you use it right.

The thing is....... I forgot to put it on for two days straight. The first day was kinda okay but I smoked a 1/2 a cigarette. Then day two. I actually smoked a butt that I found on the top of the trash. Can you say disgusting???? I can.

I have put on a new patch. I am keeping busy cleaning the house and plan to do a bunch of baking and stuff to keep busy.

I am also going to go to the bead store so I can start making jewelry again. That was a good outlet for me and I can sell the items at my moms art gallery (yes I just name dropped hahaha).

So I am back to getting smoke free and starting where I left off.

Brownies sound good oh and I think I am gonna make some cupcakes with pretty stuff on them since I have an icing decorator thing I havent used yet. I have had some renewed inspiration thanks to Pat at  Back Porch Musings. She is a must visit site!!!! I wish I could create like here. Puts me in awe.

So anyways back to quitting smoking. Its gonna happen and I know I can do it!


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