Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Saturday. I love Saturday because you are done with work and week days and the next day is Sunday and you don't have to do anything that day either.

I worked from 9-1 today. The morning shift is amazing. The store is quiet and clean and organized. Not like the night shift when I spend all my time between freaky customers and re-organizing the health and beauty department.

The bad part? My opening CSR had never done the job before and therefore nothing was done. She couldn't even manage a simple exchange......weird right. Then the girl who was to come in an hour after me did, but proceeded to do just about everything in her power to not run her register. No break for me.

Do I really care though? Nope! I love this job because its only 4 hrs. 3 days. I actually got off work today and went to the pet store and got neat stuff for the cats and hamster. I had lunch and here I am with nothing noteworthy to do. A &  R are playing video games, C is cleaning her room and me......I am content. Weird to be happy doing nothing at all.



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