Friday, January 29, 2010

Hmmm apparently I am totally rusty at blogging

So I have been perusing the blogs of others and have found out a few things.
1. I don't take enough pictures of my kids doing cute things.

I worry about posting too many pictures of my just oh so adorable babes as they do activities mostly through school and God forbid I get the school logo in there and then one day C or A dosn't come home and bam it's all my fault due to one lousy snap-shot......... okay so yeah I do need to take more pictures of fun stuff to write about I can always use my handy photo editing skillz to fix logos etc.

2. I really need to do more fun stuff with the family.

K we actually do "fun stuff" like right now A is happy watching hubby R kick butt on an xbox 360 game and eating desert. A is 9 R is 37 and they tend to act 13 when its game time.

3. My use of the standard offered templates are not enough.

Okay I fixed that. I like the new uploaded template well enough but I don't drink coffee so we will consider the stuff in the cup at above right to be tea okay? Okay!

4. Just talking about the cute pets means are a must!

AGAIN see 1 above. Yes I promise you well get tons more cute pics etc of the pets and family!

So for now I am done posting. There will certainly be a new post tomorrow as I work at the "mart" (yep you figure out which one) for 4 hours. Let the sale madness begin!

Oh but in the mean time here is a picture of me and Cheshire (my sister) at Disneyland for her B-Day in December. Please don't kidnap her hahahahahaha.


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