Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Saturday. I love Saturday because you are done with work and week days and the next day is Sunday and you don't have to do anything that day either.

I worked from 9-1 today. The morning shift is amazing. The store is quiet and clean and organized. Not like the night shift when I spend all my time between freaky customers and re-organizing the health and beauty department.

The bad part? My opening CSR had never done the job before and therefore nothing was done. She couldn't even manage a simple exchange......weird right. Then the girl who was to come in an hour after me did, but proceeded to do just about everything in her power to not run her register. No break for me.

Do I really care though? Nope! I love this job because its only 4 hrs. 3 days. I actually got off work today and went to the pet store and got neat stuff for the cats and hamster. I had lunch and here I am with nothing noteworthy to do. A &  R are playing video games, C is cleaning her room and me......I am content. Weird to be happy doing nothing at all.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Hmmm apparently I am totally rusty at blogging

So I have been perusing the blogs of others and have found out a few things.
1. I don't take enough pictures of my kids doing cute things.

I worry about posting too many pictures of my just oh so adorable babes as they do activities mostly through school and God forbid I get the school logo in there and then one day C or A dosn't come home and bam it's all my fault due to one lousy snap-shot......... okay so yeah I do need to take more pictures of fun stuff to write about I can always use my handy photo editing skillz to fix logos etc.

2. I really need to do more fun stuff with the family.

K we actually do "fun stuff" like right now A is happy watching hubby R kick butt on an xbox 360 game and eating desert. A is 9 R is 37 and they tend to act 13 when its game time.

3. My use of the standard offered templates are not enough.

Okay I fixed that. I like the new uploaded template well enough but I don't drink coffee so we will consider the stuff in the cup at above right to be tea okay? Okay!

4. Just talking about the cute pets means are a must!

AGAIN see 1 above. Yes I promise you well get tons more cute pics etc of the pets and family!

So for now I am done posting. There will certainly be a new post tomorrow as I work at the "mart" (yep you figure out which one) for 4 hours. Let the sale madness begin!

Oh but in the mean time here is a picture of me and Cheshire (my sister) at Disneyland for her B-Day in December. Please don't kidnap her hahahahahaha.


So this is my first Blogger blog. Its interesting. I used to host my own blog but........well the tools to create it and the hassle of uploading and re-doing stuff just got to be to much.

So this should be fun. More fun than last week when I had the flu and couldn't get out of bed.

We will see how it goes as things go around here.

Can't wait to share random stupid stuff!!!!!